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We manufacture and distribute steel bolts, nuts and nails and a wide range of other fasteners

Since 1954, from small beginnings as a machine shop specialising in fasteners for a growing economy, C.T. Bolts has continued to manufacture, import and distribute an extensive range of quality fasteners and allied products to this day.

In 2006 C.T. Bolts merged with the then Zimplow Limited, a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Zimplow Limited has since changed its name to Zimplow Holdings Ltd owing to the expansion of its portfolio.

Conduit Bushes


The division has branches in the following towns:-


36 Birmingham Road
Tel :+263 242 754616/9 | 755258/59/61/62
Cellphone: 0782 713 141 | 0777 234 037 | 0772 744 495
VOIP: 08677007184
E-mail : sales@ctbolts.co.zw

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Falcon/Wanderer Street
Tel :+263 292 471591/2/3/4 / 467746
Fax :+263 292 467830
E-mail : sales@ctboltsh.co.zw

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We strive to maintain our pole position as the country’s premier and first choice supplier of a vast range of high quality fasteners and related items for all the sectors of the economy

Business Summary

We service and support all the sectors of the Zimbabwean economy needing bolts and fasteners.

High Tensile Sets

C.T. Bolts remains Zimbabwe’s largest supplier of the widest range of competitively-priced quality fasteners.

We service and support all the sectors of the Zimbabwean economy and our fasteners are available in most hard-ware shops in the country.

Every pack of cards has an ace: We are the ace when it comes to fastening solutions for all sectors


We have been a key supplier to key sectors and projects in the country.

Zimbabwe’s premier supplier of high quality nuts, bolts, screws, nails and fasteners.

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Product Range

Largest suppliers of the widest range of competitively-priced quality fasteners in Zimbabwe

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These are stocked as complete units, also known as XOX. They are only available in metric thread and are stocked in M6 – M30 diameters in all the popular lengths. They are priced in Kg’s, conversions from units available on request, and the thread lengths are 2d + 6mm up to 125mm long and 2d + 12mm for the longer length bolts. Also in the Mild Steel range we have Countersunk Square, Countersunk Nib and Cup Square Bolts & Nuts, available in the popular range of sizes.

We also have 25kg bulk bags for certain sizes of Mild Steel Bolts and nuts which work out to be far cheaper.

These are available for customers requiring a longer thread, being fully threaded. Nuts are available separately and these are priced per unit. They are also only available in the metric form and diameters stocked are from M6 – M20 in all popular lengths.
This is fully threaded bar in metric sizes, 1,000mm long, suitable for various applications requiring different length fasteners, whereby it can be cut and a nut placed on either end to fasten.
These are stocked in metric, UNC & UNF thread forms. The shorter fasteners are fully threaded, known as HT Sets and the longer fasteners with plain shank are called HT Bolts. Grade 8 nuts are available to match the fasteners. This product is priced individually.
Available are Nyloc (Metric, UNC & UNF), Mild Steel, Grade 8, Slotted, Dome, Brass, Wing & Check Nuts.
Stocked are Bright Round, Black Square, Black Square Tapered, Black Square Plate, Spring and Mudguard (also known as Fender) washers. All diameters are available and the smaller sizes of round washers are priced in boxed quantities of 200 units whilst the larger ones are sold either individually or in boxes of 100 units. The square washers are priced per Kg.
A full range Countersunk Slotted Woodscrews is available in boxed quantities of 200 units.
Stocked are Countersunk and Cheese Head Machine screws with a slotted head and a metric thread, are priced in boxed quantities of 200 units and nuts are available separately.
We carry a range of Countersunk Raised and Pan Head Self Tapping Screws. These are hardened and nickel plated and available in boxes of 200 Units.
These are also known as Gutter Bolts and are stocked in M6 diameter from 12mm up to 75mm. These can either be sold as units or in boxes of 200 units.
Available are all the sizes of Round Head Wire Nails, Fencing Staples, Oval Brad Nails, Clout Nails and Hardened Steel Nails. All these products are priced per Kg.
We stock Cap Head, CSK Head and Grub (Set) Screws. Predominately Metric thread forms are available and complimenting the product we carry a full range of Socket Keys.
Also known as Pop Rivets, a comprehensive range is available. Also available are Rivet Guns, which are required to utilize the fasteners.
Stocked are Hook Bolts, Spiral Nails, DTUH Roof Screws, Tek Screws, Sealing Washers and Bonded Washers.
Wide range available in all sizes, in packaged quantities.
We stock brass Cable Glands, Line Taps & Conduit Bushes. We also manufacture and stock Eye Bolts, Insulator Straps and “D” Irons in the popular sizes. Non-standard sizes in suitable quantities can be manufactured.
Stocked are Bolt Projecting Wall Anchors, Corrugated Foundation Bolts/Nuts and plastic Wall Plugs. To complement the range we stock all the corresponding size Masonry Drills.
We stock Wheel Studs, Wheel Nuts, Manganese Bushes, Shackle Pins, “U” Bolts and Centre Spring Bolts.
Available is a popular range of Steel Grinding Discs, as well as Steel and Masonry Cutting Discs and Vitamax welding rods which are available in 10 and 12 gauge.

Now, get in touch with us for more details on our products offerings and quotes. We value your feedback

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36 Birmingham Road
Southerton, Harare
Telephone: +263 242 754616/9 | 755258/59/61/62
Cell: 0782 713 141 | 0777 234 037 | 0772 744 495
VOIP: 08677007184
E-mail: sales@ctbolts.co.zw / buyer@ctboltsh.co.zw


Falcon/Wanderer Street
Belmont, Bulawayo
Telephone: +263 292 471591/2/3/4 / 467746
Fax: +263 292 467830
E-mail: sales@ctboltsh.co.zw / buyer@ctboltsh.co.zw